Rhodes Scholars Class of 1960

50-Year Reunion October 15-17, 2010


Eleven of the 27 surviving members of the

Rhodes Scholars Class of 1960, plus Bill Maynes' widow Gretchen, held our 50-year reunion in Washington, DC, on October 15-17, 2010.


Bob Ashman

David and Christine Balabanian

Jon Blake and Liz Shriver

Ralph and Corky Bryant

Robert and Susan Darnton

Bob and Betty Edge

Jules Levine and Noreen

Gretchen Maynes

Matt Nimetz

John Price

Dennis Shaul

Paul and Karen Van Buren and daughter Amy


Cosmos Club, Washington, DC

Dinner on Friday evening, October 15, 2010

Erica Mirick of The Rhodes Trust & Bob Edge

John Price & Gretchen Maynes

John Price

Bob Darnton

Betty Edge & Dennis Shaul

John Price & Bob Ashman

Paul Van Buren

Bob Edge

Jules Levine

Jon Blake & Liz Shriver

Jules Levine, Dennis Shaul & Bob Darnton

John Price

Bob Ashman


Gretchen Maynes & Bob Ashman

Jules Levine

Bob Edge

Jon Blake

Bob Darnton

Ralph Bryant


Cosmos Club, Washington, DC

Coffee & visiting on Saturday morning, October 16, 2010


Jules Levine


Home of Jon Blake & Liz Shriver, Washington, DC

Dinner on Saturday evening, October 16, 2010


Matt Nimetz

Paul Van Buren & Dennis Shaul

Matt Nimetz, Liz Shriver & Bob Ashman

Bob Ashman & John Price

Paul Van Buren & Matt Nimetz

Bob Edge

Paul Van Buren

Bob Edge, Dennis Shaul,

Betty Edge & Bob Ashman

Bob Ashman, Bob Edge & John Price

John Price & Matt Nimetz

Paul Van Buren, John Price & Ralph Bryant

Betty & Bob Edge


Cosmos Club, Washington, DC

Brunch on Sunday morning, October 17, 2010

Thoughts on Campaign Finance & Lobbying Reform by

former Senator Larry Pressler (South Dakota & St. Edmunds Hall '64)

David Balabanian, Jules Levine & Larry Pressler

Paul Van Buren, Ralph Bryant & Bob Ashman

Paul Van Buren & Jules Levine

Sunday morning brunch & discussion

Rhodes Scholar (1964) &

Former U.S. Senator Larry Pressler

Larry & Harriet Pressler, Paul & Karen Van Buren