From Karen & Paul Van Buren
Please share some of our 2015 in photos
In January, Amy came home from DC,
and we saw Stanford defeat defending NCAA basketball champion UConn.
Paul received his 50-year certficate from the State Bar of California to complement his 50-year plaque from the State Bar of South Dakota.
In March, we traveled from Hanoi, Viet Nam, through Cambodia on a Mekong River cruise, to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Viet Nam
Ho Chi Minh's tomb in Hanoi, Viet Nam Boating on Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam
Angkor Watt Temple, Siem Reap, Cambodia,with our Australian friends, Rob & Meg Thomas Ta Prohm Temple, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Traveling by Ox Cart in Cambodia Royal Palace, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Traveling by "Rickshaw" in Cambodia Saigon at night
Unfortunately, Paul's ITP low platlet blood disease, which had been in remission for almost three years returned while on the Mekong River in Cambodia. Treatment was started at an excellent expatrate clinic in Saigon and continued with chemo back in the USA.
It is apparently now again in remission.
In April, we visited Amy in Washington, DC, and finally saw the cherry blossoms with no snow.
In May, Karen traveled to Israel - the Dome of the Rock (left) and the Sea of Galilee (right)
In July-August, we traveled with Amy from Montreal to London.
Map of the 23-day cruise to London Corner Brook, Newfoundland 
Paamuit, Greenland  Nuuk, Greenland-Photo Contest Prize Winner! 
Cathedral, Reyjavik, Iceland  Gulfoss Waterfalls, Iceland 
Torshavn, Faroe Islands  Bergen, Norway 
Bremen, Germany  Night Watch painting - Amsterdam 
Bruges, Belgium  Winchester Catherdral, England 
Punting on the Cam, Cambridge, England  Karen leaves for Hogwarts at Kings Cross 
We enjoyed times at the cabin we co-own on Pine Mountain Lake, near Groveland, CA,
but the four-year California drought kept our pontoon boat high and dry.
In September-October, Karen and Paul traveled to South Dakota, where Erik is in his second year at the University of South Dakota Law School 
A combine with a 40-foot swath harvests soy beans; they let Paul ride, but not drive. Paul enjoyed another mini-reunion of his Dell Rapids, SD, classmates in Sioux Falls. 
Old Main at USD The USD Coyote with Old Main in the distance
Stanford had a great 12 wins, 2 losses football season, winning the January 1, 2016, Rose Bowl and finishing ranked No. 3 in the USA  
Amy came home from DC & Erik from
South Dakota for our traditional
Christmas morning photo  
Happy New Year 2016!
Paul & Karen Van Buren
Los Altos, CA