Please share our life in 2010 through some of our photos

Another big travel year in 2010, or "The Stanford cap goes 'round the world"

Cruise from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to Santiago, Chile


Brigit Bardot


Buzios, Brazil


With Amy, overlooking the Rocinja favela, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

On a windy day in penguin county in

Punta Arenas, Chile

In Buenos Aires, Argentina


Paul briefly considered a hat change

when he joined the band in Chile. 

Do you think itís an improvement?

We were in Chile when the

8.0 earthquake hit!

    Road Trip - Quebec, Canadian Maritime Provinces, New England & New York State

At charming

Peggy's Cove,

Nova Scotia

Overlooking the St. Lawrence River in

Quebec City, Canada

The U.S. Border agent in Maine was suspicious as to why we were crossing from Canada to the U.S. for 5 minutes to take this photo and then back to Canada.

On his never-ending genealogy quest,

Paul returned to the grave of his 3rd great grandfather, known as the Revolutionary War's "The Fighting Parson"

Karen with 3 U.S. Presidents at the American Political Items Collectors convention

 in Buffalo, NY. 

Can you name them?

Finally, our Honeymoon at Niagara Falls!

Cruise from Istanbul, Turkey, around the Black Sea,  to Ephesus & Athens, Greece

At the Haiga Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey

With Diogenes

in Sinop, Turkey

At the Library

in Ephesus, Turkey

In Yalta,


Amy at formerly secret Soviet submarine base in Balaklava, Ukraine

Who wouldn't want her fortune told by two rabbits & a chicken in Istanbul?

But, wait!  There's more!

We learned an important new skill at Church Camp.

Erik could not come with us to Niagara Falls, but he did get to Sioux Falls, en route to grad school at The University of South Dakota in Vermillion, SD

Meanwhile, Paul attended his 50-year class reunion at The University of South Dakota and his 50-year Rhodes Scholar class reunion in Washington, DC

Kitty Korner, the Van Buren cats

The vet tells us that Phantom, 7, is overweight.  Ya think?

Sometimes we really can all get along together!

Pokey & Mrs. Norris, 5,

Sister Act, continued

Paul & Karen Van Buren

Los Altos, CA